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Massage Therapist N7 Holloway Highgate Tufnell Park Kentish Town

Qualified Holistic Therapist 

Hello and welcome I’m Sarah Bisset Ma Soph MCMA 

A massage therapist with further skills in complimentary health. 

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Massage can help you feel comfortable & relaxed, supporting your health and wellbeing. 

We can work to treat and heal areas of discomfort, or balance and calm the body, easing emotional stress. 

This site gives some information about me and the treatments I offer, 

To book with me please use the online booking link above or below.

If you have further questions or to contact me go to my contact page. 

Feel free to send me an e mail with any queries you have about Massage, Body Work, Healing or Facials. 

All bookings must be made online and I’m unable to book by phone or text. 

Facials & skincare 

I have developed a brand of natural skincare products which use cold pressed and organic English fruit & flower seed oils as well as masques balms and cleansing products. 

These are the products used for your facial treatments along with organic oils for your massage. 

Massage for Health 

Massage can free up energy as circulation and lymph activity improves; allowing your body you to unwind and de stress, whilst Improving body based awareness. 

Many of the techniques help to solve pain issues, restoring flexibility and improving muscle tension. 

Lastly, body work decreases over activity of the vagus nerve to reduce anxiety & digestive stress. 

Massage can also improve; 

Wellbeing; trauma & ptsd, stress, anxiety, depression, tension, muscle or fascia pain, postural issues, overworked muscles or long standing pain from healed injury, age or occupation related tension and pain, trauma experience, skin adhesions, trigger point pain, lymphatic drainage and energy flow. Eg: stiff neck or back, RSI's, locked posture, sciatica and arm pain, inflammatory conditions, postural issues from feeling overloaded, somatic complaints. 

Free mindfulness exercises, meditations and information.  

Home Based Practise 

 This is a comfortable 'home based' massage practise & treatment room, with good natural light for you to relax in.