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Sarah Bio Psyche Soma Uk

Qualified Registered Licensed Therapist  


I have great respect for the body. 

Just as we look up and see the universe expanding out, 

The body’s complexity is like a universe expanding in. 

My hands can often find and release tension and stress from a person, intuitively, without consciously knowing exactly what I’m doing. 

When practising body work or healing I tend to let my hands solve the problem rather the mind. 

I’m also qualified in talking therapies, so I appreciate  massage and touch as a very different, and powerful  communication, which can help many conditions.  

MassageQualified ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage, Dip ABC Awards Massage level 4, Dip Advanced Deep Tissue and client postural analysis & Training in Mayo Fascia Release Therapy. 

Spa Massage : Qualified Dip Bamboo Massage Practioner,Dip Facial Massage  and Rejuvination,  Beauty Facial, Dip SAC,

Healing: Qualified  Ma Soph ( Jungian psychology and Healing) MBACP MCMA Dip  Healing trust 1&2 and Reiki 1,2 & Masters, Dip CBT CAT & Mindfulness. 

Registration: Complimentary Medical Association

"For psyche and soma are not separate entities but one and the same life. CW Jung Vol 17"