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    Wilderness Festival ::
Wilderness Festival, Massage, Spa, Nail Art, Hot Stones, Bamboo Massage

    Give Festival ::
Green Rock Nails at Give Festival Nail Spa Nail Art

    Secret Garden Party ::

    Latitude Festival 2015 :: Get tickets !!!
Come see us at latitude here we come-)

    Nozstock Hidden Valley :: Nozstock festival 2015

    Camp Bestival ::
Green Rock Nails at Camp Bestival

We Use Top Quality Products :

    Super Vegan Varnish Dazzle Dry ::

Green Rock Nails uses the Vegan Five Free & Super Fast drying Varnish "Dazzle Dry."
It's also long wear but removes with normal polish remover and does not damage your nails.

    Organic Spray Tan Ethically Made "Fresh Indulgence" ::
At Fresh Indulgence, they are committed to eco-friendly, ethically sourced and 100% Paraben, SLS and sulphate-free products. Their spray tan solutions are made using only the highest quality DHA and some of the most natural of ingredients currently possible, making Fresh Indulgence the number one choice for ethically-conscious beauty professionals.

We Make Top Quality Natural Creams & Products

    source for base products & recipes aromantic ::

Green Rock Nails make our own oils and creams using base products and recipes approved for use and organic certified . We use nourishing oils and pure ingredients.

Local Design

    Listing on street life

    Yoga Pants Puna Pants ::
Fran Nixon Puna Pants

    Mums net

    We recommend for mothers to be

Prophecy Stone Information :: Prophecy Stone Information

Psychotherapy CBT

    Castle therapy :: Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Bookings available for your therapy in our dedicated consulting rooms. For detailed info please click link above to go to castle therapy web site.

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    Therapy directory link :: Link to qualifications

    EFT :: Tapping

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