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2 Jan 2016
3 Oct 2015
16 Sep 2015

 Client feed back on dazxle dry vegan polish.

After two weeks. 

7 Sep 2015

The Green Rock Spa Stone

Has been held by various energy healers, and has been described as having a strong grounding energy.

We have devised a way of using the concretions strong energy to balance the meridian energy lines in the body. In addition the chakras can be balanced and the root and sacral  energy drawn up through to the crown. This stone has instant grounding properties, and it's energetic presence can be felt immediately by most people.

Perhaps because it has been on earth since its rocks were formed. and has been through so many processes, this sense of calm may be locked into the stones atomic structure.   


You simply lie down comfortably on the couch, and the concretion is held over the sacral or lower root chakras, until you have a sense of where you want the concretion to be. As the concretion is in two halves, it's possible to hold one half over one area allowing the larger part to create the connection to another area- the pull between the two halves stimulates energy flow between the areas. The third male stone can also be held.

Your therapist will guide you in this process. This is a very gentle and relaxing healing, and should be safe for anyone with any condition. Clients have experienced a pulling sensation and initial pain which resolves after a few minutes. The Crown Chakras can be avoided if you are sensitive.

A healing with this stone concretion is equivalent to energy healing. Eg Hands off energy healing. Though you will actually touch the stone during this healing, but remain clothed.

For Prophecy stone healing at Green Rock Spa your therapist is qualified in Spiritual Healing ( NFSH now Healing Trust levels one and two).  Additionally qualified ABC awards massage level 4 covers Shiatsu.

We are creating a synergy between the two practises using the prophecy stone. It is also possible to just lie with the stone and see how it speaks or what vision it inspires. The stone induces a strong meditative state in most people, and may help guide you to your path in life.

Low cost healing:

Green Rock Spa offers a prophecy stone healing to anyone who has a connection to crystal healing and feels it would be useful for them. If you can not afford holistic treatments at this time, we are also happy to facilitate a healing session for a donation amount of your own choosing. By appointment.

You are welcome and please request to have the prophecy stone healing incorporated into your holistic massage or treatment free of charge if you wish.

( Not too be confused with Hot Stone Massage).

This is a very special stone and transmits a sense of wellbeing and connection to life. 

Feel free to call for more information.

 Grounding Energy Healing 

For those interested in crystal healing and energy of stones:

Concretions were formed when the earth's rocks were being formed. This one was from an area of the Sahara desert that used to be under the sea. A geologist dated it at 95 million years old.

Concretions are thought to have profound healing qualities and those found in the Navaho desert were used by the Hopi Indians in pairs male and female. ( Shamans stones or Moji Balls ). They are considered sacred. Some are mistaken for meteorites, many concretions are of geological interest.  

The Sahara concretions are called prophecy stones. 

They are also used in pairs eg a female and male stone.

The stones are said to choose their owners, and can not be bought or sold.

Concretions are made of iron hematite and other unknown minerals, and geologists are not sure of the exact process. It is thought that the compression of iron rich plants or insects etc clump together under pressure ( eg under the sea) and form a hard mass. The sea drains away, as the earths continents spread out, and the sun heats up the ball which has a sand stone centre. The ball bubbles in the sun, cracks and the desert winds erode the sand stone centre. This particular stone is like an oblong pot with a lid.

Common all over the world concretions do not have value but are prized for their beauty and healing qualities. 

11 Jan 2018

Cold weather and coughs colds and flu. 

A really good time to take the supliment NAC acetyl n cysteine if you feel a cold cough or flu coming on. 

This is a powerful antioxidant that seems to thin mucous and improve lung function in coughs and colds. It’s an anti oxidant that chelates heavy metals out of the system and an ideal hangover remedy . 

Should be combined with vitamin C

Or see here

19 Jan 2018
19 Jan 2018
15 Oct 2018

 New research about cystic fibrosis 


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