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Recipe for Rose Salt Scub

3 cups of Epsom salt or choose a finer grained Dead Sea or salt of your preference. 

Rose Hip absorbic acid 2 tea spoons 

Rose Hip oil 1/4 cup

Grape seed 3/4 cup to cover salt.

Sucragel 1/4 Cup ( optional)

Rose petals 1/2 cup

Essential oils up to 30 drops combine rose, neroli, ylang ylang, lavender . 

First combine Sucragel with oil by blending. 

Mix salt & rose petals and pour the oil over and add essential oils to create aroma. 

Add the rose hip absorbic acid for colour. 

Mix together in a clean sterilised jar. Try not to introduce shower water into the mix when you use and the oil and salt should last well. 

Introducing water introduces bacteria so avoid, by using a scoop and closing the lid to protect rest of the mix. 

Using Sugragel will mean the mixture turns to milk on contact with water. 

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