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Scalp & Facial massage is possibly the most relaxing of the massage therapies. 

Natural facial lift treatment. 

A blend of Myofascial release, Indian face massage, Japanese facial massage and Acupressure that helps to relieve deep tension and give the facial muscles a lift. 

A massage for the arms during your mask. 

Natural Facials & Massage 

A skin consultation ensures the right masque is used for your skin, and treatments are delivered to the correct areas. 

Double cleanse & exfoliation

A choice of Moisturising Tahitian Monoi Flower (Butter) Balm or deeper pore cleansing and oxygenation using ;
Ocean Cult Clay or Rose Glow Clay,
Salvation Angel Clay 
or More Moisturising treatment with Wild Tumeric Saffron and Sandlewood in our Soulful Spice Masks. 
from Love Absolute Skincare.


100 %  Natural ethical sustainable & organic..
with Kaolin, Blue and Green Clays and Maris Limus 
(Pristine Aquamarine Clay) renowned for their ability to deep clean and brighten skin, reduce pore size, oxygenate skin and re mineralise.

Moisturise with deeply penetrating oil serums from English & Organic Fruit and Flower Seed Oils;

Radiance, Jasmine Blooming Dew Serums.

Massage with Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil 

Then I’ll Blend in with moisturiser for a final massage of; 

Naked Rose Nutrition Cream and Immortal Flower Creams.   

I’ve have developed our own range of ultra natural licensed products for our facials  ...

Love Absolute Skincare 

Massage with our signature blend of organic cold pressed fruit & flower seed oil creams. * Moisturiser is the main skin protecter, creating a barrier against pollution whilst retaining moisture.